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Interested in learning more? Here are a number of frequently asked questions I've received. I've tried including the most frequent, but if you still have questions, please get in touch and I’ll answer them ASAP.

What is Biokinetics and what do Biokineticists do?

Biokinetics is defined as the science of movement through the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment. Biokineticists are medical professionals who use specific exercise prescription in order to improve a patients’ physical condition and their quality of life. Their main concerns include health promotion, maintenance of physical abilities and final phase rehabilitation of orthopaedic injuries and chronic conditions.

What is the difference between Biokineticists and Physiotherapists?

Here at Zilke Kolenic Biokineticist, we are fortunate enough to work with a variety of health professionals. We work closely with our physiotherapists in order to provide a multi-disciplinary service to each and every patient, if they so choose.  Generally, the physio and bio will be treating you during different phases of your recovery. If you are experiencing limiting pain due to an injury or muscle/ joint dysfunction, then the physio should be your first stop. After the pain has been reduced and you are able to strengthen and rehabilitate the affected soft tissue or joint, then the physio would refer you onto a biokineticist for continued appropriate rehabilitation. It is important to carry on to the next phases of rehabilitation in order to prevent further or re-occuring injury and to try and maintain functionality.

Are my Biokinetics sessions covered by Medical Aid?

Biokineticists are health professionals registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa. Therefore, our sessions do generally get covered by the medical aid. This is, however, dependent on your specific medical aid plan and cover. In some cases, your Biokinetics session fees will be deducted from your medical savings account, along with all other *Allied Health Professional sessions. It is important to contact your medical aid and enquire what your plan will allow.

*Allied Health Professsionals= Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Speech Therapists, Podiatrists etc.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies depending on a number of factors.  Your age, injury or chronic condition history and severity, compliance to rehab sessions etc., all determine your rate of recovery and how quickly you will see results. This would need to be discussed with the Biokineticist after an initial evaluation session. Some people also prefer prescribed home programmes, whereas others need the motivation by coming for scheduled sessions. Every individual is different and should be treated with a very personalized approach.

How can a Biokineticist help with a healthy lifestyle?

Along with injury prevention and rehabilitation, Biokineticists also assist patients with chronic disorders, by allowing them to exercise safely and effectively depending on their goals and conditions. We often work with patients who have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, diabetes and pre-diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, Parkinson’s, depression and various other conditions that have been researched. We use exercise to help facilitate and motivate individuals to live a healthier and more active lifestyle, while also giving them the confidence and sometimes independence required to carry out activities of daily living.

''If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us an email''

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